Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wellness Wednesday: Goodbye January, Hello February

Life got in the way of me posting last week's Wellness Wednesday, but it's a new dawn new day. I'm excited it's a new month because I'm eager to get moving on my goals. First let's recap January.

I started the year like so many of you. Trying to figure out the whole goals vs resolutions thing. Thanks to being a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I was empowered to rejoin Weight Watchers. again. My husband's work schedule changed completely, and that meant working out a new routine for the entire family. I finally managed to have some me time. In attempt to focus more on my own health and fitness goals, I got caught up on my physical exams. The doctors found a pretty large tumor, and I had surgery on January 17th.

During my time on bedrest, I reevaluated my running goals, and took a stand on judgemental people. As you can see it was a pretty busy month. One thing I am bummed about is I didn't hit my target weight loss goal.

Which brings me to today. I'm back with eating healthier options and tracking intake with Weight Watchers. My goals for the months is to get out of the 170's (only 2lbs away) and return to running (once cleared from the docs of course).

What goals are you working towards in February?

Be Well,