Monday, January 23, 2017

A Day in My Shoes

Being on bedrest the last few days, I've had a lot of time to reflect and do some soul searching. I've also spent quite a bit of time on social media. In light of somethings I'm going through personally along with the current social and political events that have transpired the last few days, I'm truly in awe. Perhaps I've just been living in my own bubble, or just a tad naive. Either way it truly baffles me how judgmental folks are. Like are you flipping kidding me.

Regardless of your upbringing, trials and tribulations, views and opinions keep your damn mouth shut. That coworker that gets on your last nerves. The woman at the supermarket with the three small children. The new First Lady of our nation. The homeless man sleeping on the side of the rode. Your cousin who brings a new boo home every year for Christmas. The overweight person at the gym. ME!!! Stop the judging. You may think you know, but you truly have no idea what another human being has been or is currently going through.

I get it all the time. From family, acquaintenaces, strangers, etc. but until you've walked (or ran) a day in my shoes, please don't judge me. 

I truly hope and believe that there is still some humanity left in this world, and we all can get along. Whether you agree, disagree, or feel indifferent towards someones else judging says more about YOU than that other person.

Be Well,

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